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Ahh I did write that for URLJet and it worked great for me and quite a few since then sorry to hear you're having issues!

Site url? Also you saw my note at the bottom of the article right? This one...
Originally Posted by TheLastSuperman
Please Note: The templates in the file provided are from vBa CMPS ver4.2.1, the most current is vBa CMPS ver4.3.0 as of 10/21/2015. So with that being said, if you run a new version such as 4.3.0 or higher and notice any issues – simply edit your default styles vBA templates and carefully copy the template contents then paste over the same templates in the default mobile style which will ensure all the templates are from the current version you have installed.
You mentioned CMPS 4.3.0 so it could require some adjustment.
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