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Originally Posted by transitbus
Few things:

The alignment messes with the postbit causing your signature to line up with the aligned image. Secondly the example does not render properly and having html code for this might cause issues with the formatting.
Thanks for your comments

1. The alignment problem is the same as it is with Borg's BB Code additions. This is only when the image is at the bottom with very little text next to it. if you have any ideas how to fix that i would love to know myself.

2. The example image doesn't render because it's set to an image at Just swap it for another linking image on your site or somewhere else.

3. Not sure where you see HTML. There is only BB code used in this additions.

If anyone has a better way or even another way to do this I'm all ear. I use this and it works for me aside for the one stated bug when using an image near the bottom of the post. I use it mostly for my VBA CMPS.

My biggest concern was to have valid XHTML. Just figured other people using the same or similar hack would like it if they are lazy like me.
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