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Originally Posted by Stile2 View Post
I have installed and the banner shows up, and the link works.

But I would like to keep my forum's name in the header as well as the new banner.
So I put the code in after the code to put my forum name(banner) in. Problem is that the new banner shows up below my name banner and centered.

How would I get them to show up next to each other?

Right now I am just using the same image twice, for testing.


PS I tried to just make my name banner simply include the as banner, but then I can't have my name banner link to my forums, and the ad link to the vendor.

Help Please.
Hey there, the modification was centering the banner by default. I removed the center tags from the code and added them to the template. So now you gotta download the zip file again from here (i updated it) and reinstall de product. And when replacing/adding the code to your header template, be sure to remove the "<center>" and "</center>" tags from it.

Hope it works!
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