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Originally Posted by Gio~Logist View Post
Here you guys go

This updated version will have an option in forum manager under Enable Integration?

All are set to "yes" by default. To disable, just set to "no".
Thank you, would have taken me awhile to figure that out. If it's cool I would like to add your code to future versions as well, credit will be given of course.

Originally Posted by Manoel Júnior View Post
Unfortunately an excellent product for a codec that does not answer their customers. I purchased the PRO version and then updated to allow it to set usergroups it no longer works.

A feather!
I rarely get emails from vBulletin about new posts in topics, I don't understand why. When I was laid off from work I would check it everyday, but I started my new job a couple months ago and working 70 hours a week I haven't had the time to check it everyday. If there are any other questions, suggestions, or anything please email me if I do not reply to topics:

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