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Originally Posted by seangworld View Post
yeah, so i lost my domain to the chinese, FINALLY got it back, got my vbulletin, now trying to remember how to do stuff and get things setup again.

1. is nobody doing the thing anymore? pretty dead. for years.
2. do i even need them? i do want to setup something similar, with modules, etc.
3. im looking to setup something similar to a social media site type of feel. suggestions?

i think that's it for now.
Hi check out my forum, maybe you will have idea how to setup things. The vB 5 is very advanced.

I have similar story as yours, purchased vB5 in 2013 but back then it was not giving me the results I wanted so I worked with vB4 instead, used it for a month and the left working on my forum and lost domain. Then last month I downloaded vB 5.6.4 and setup my forum again with different domain. This version vB 5.6.4 is very advanced and gives you Site Builder tools which worked well for me. Here is my forum:
Admin at
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