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''Activity Stream'' Ghost in the machine....errrrr

Please read fully before giving advice.

I have an activity stream on my forum homepage. This activity stream shows the ''staff lounge'' posts which all the members can see (this is not good).

I would like to completely remove the activity stream, however, i cannot find it anywhere.

I researched it online and I seem to be missing some key features in my admin CP.

Under ''settings'', I do NOT have the ''navigation'' option. I also heard you can access it under ''settings>option>activity stream'', However, I dont have ''activity stream'' in my options menu?????

What i think happend was, i DL'd a mod that over written those options or something. I tried disabling most of the add-ons and the activity stream is still there. So, i have a ghost in my machine and cannot get it out.

Is there another way to find the activity stream options? or possibly a PHP file i can delete to get rid of this activity stream?

thank you in advance for your time and help.
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