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Question Upgrading


I've been running a VB forum now for just under a year and things are going great, however, I'm still running 4.1.5. I've never upgraded before and now I'm at the point where I think I need to. I haven't ever upgraded my forum because in the back of my mind I think I'll lose everything I've done and have to start again.

I've just downloaded the latest VB from the members area (4.1.12) and the intructions say upload everything from the upload folder (apart from install.php) to my web server, overwriting everything. There's alot of files in the 4.1.12 .zip I just downloaded and it looks like it's going to replace every single file on my webserver/forum.

Am I not going to lose everything by overwriting all the files? I'm a bit worried

Please help!
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