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Originally Posted by final kaoss View Post
Honestly, I've been thinking about it and I think a better way to go about this would be, to have a notification telling them about the new user setting & linking to relevant User Control Panel section.

Let the user turn it on/off via their User Control Panel (have it off by default). Next, just have a box that says, "would you like to contribute cpu while you browse [forum name]?", with a yes/no option.

Then they can select how much to contribute via a dropdown box with increments of 10.
I've considered a UserCP option as well, maybe opt everyone in automatically and then they can opt out, but trust me, 99% of the people would opt out. This is why adblockers were invented. I feel like leaving it up to the users would defeat the purpose of this plugin. This is how the JSE Coin works, and it's not very successful.

It would be nice if more adblock users used Adnauseam, because we would at least keep a steady ad revenue.
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