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Originally Posted by Paul M View Post
Yes there was.

Maybe you should get facts right before making silly statements.

Thre was an e-mail, an ACP news item, and an announcement. Plus its been discussed in all vB related admin forums.
While I came and said exactly what was done to recover, you came to tell that hundreds of customers got devastated while you did all needed?

I run Windows but never go to Win forums.
Why would I frequent this one? Should I be on a lookout to see if any minute another hacker has trashed your product that I have paid for, not free download?

Red alert in AdminCP was not there, as is when a new version or patch are available. That is where I go 2-3 times a day and could not miss it.

Yahoo is banned as junk site from where I work, checked Inbox at home, other than 1000s "vBulletin Database Error!" no others or summarily deleted with them.