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Thanks for taking the time to correct that mess Mark!

WOW I made some big mistakes there! I totally meant to congratulate Dave and typed out Lynne's name! @Apologies to you Lynnee for the gender confusion.
Originally Posted by MarkFL View Post
Just so there are no doubts, Lynne (who is not a man) started this thread to congratulate and welcome Dave on being selected as vBorg's newest Advisor.

I know you asked Lynne, but here is my unofficial take on what a vBorg Advisor is:

An Advisor is a non-moderating staff role, and is specific to this site. An Advisor helps the admins/mods keep an eye out for spam, and for posts/threads that might need some kind of moderating. It is a role that also gives recognition to a person who has put in time consistently helping others with their vB questions. If/when a spot opens up on the moderating staff, it is the Advisors who are first in line for consideration.
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