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Originally Posted by Michelle
Totally agreed

You are wrong on that. I'm 20 and I love classic rock and many people I know that are 20 or even less do so too.

A rap/hip-hop "song" even if it has good lyrics (which I highly doubt) it has terrible "music". Rock has both great lyrics AND music.

ahaha, word. yea, i grew up around rap and hiphop...i lived in the ghetto as a very small so, thats what i adapted to......

Originally Posted by KTBleeding
Wow.. obviously the majority of you guys aren't musicians.. yeesh.
actually i am. . ive been writing songs and bouncing them to beats since i was younger.

and no, not all rap is about promoting violence. will smith doesnt cuss in his lyrics, or attack anyone. hes a rapper. your thinking of "gangster rap" as freestyles stated. ice cube, nwa, etc....were trying to tell yall that not all rap is the same...alot of underground rappers bring alot of different stuff to the tables, not talking about burning a cat or drive-by shootings. and the people that live nextdoor to my work stand outside all day listening to rock and roll LOUD as can be and start trouble all the time...thats like saying if u watch a friday the 13th movie ur going to turn into jason and murder all. lol. ive listened to the hardest rap and im still the nicest kid....aint change me none. all rock is to me is a guy with loud music saying his girlfriends name over and but i dont say that...dont hate on it if u dont understand the culture. period.

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