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I've listened to most everything out there (almost every genre - including oldies ... no not 70s oldies, but 40s, and 50s oldies). I've listened every generation's style of what was considered "rock." I've listened to jazz, soul, rap, r&b, hip-hop, blues, country, bluegrass, instrumental, classical, rock, alternative, christian, gospel, most anything out there - I've listened to or at least sampled. I can't truly say that anything really stands out that has truly made an impact as a song by itself. However, when paired with an emotion, then we have a different outlook. Such as Wind of Change (Scorpions) when the wall came down, things of that nature - that's what makes an impact. It's not the music itself, but the association of the music to the emotion. I'm not an expert on music, but this is my opinion. ~Snarf lol
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