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Originally Posted by KeystoneAirsoft View Post
Hi all,

Really liked the look of this style but ran into a small issue when I installed it. Seems somehow the Who's Online doesn't like it or something. As you can tell in the attachment that I was showing to be viewing an image for Battlefield Bad Company 2. I don't have any images in my image folder that relates to such.

Since the issue I have deleted all files on server, reuploaded and readded the same style and still same thing. So since I have my own VPS Server I went into my WHM and killed the domain and started over. I won't reload this style at this time, just wanted to bring this to the authors attention since in his attachments it showed being a BFBC2 Style.
I'm not really sure what is causing that, but I will take a look at it. I plan to update the style shortly after version 4.1.3 is released.
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