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Originally Posted by Lynne View Post
Next thing you know, you'll be able to hook them up to a 3D Printer!!
I think I would pass on that and the inevitable virtual walk through model as well.

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Originally Posted by ForceHSS View Post
So many things have changed since I was young and I and sure many here remember when mobiles first came out very big and only if you were rich you could get one even PCs big, slow and crap and dial up that was so slow it took most of the day to load a page
Oh yeah bro, I remember those days of dial up and a minute or more to even connect to the internet.

I remember downloading stuff and having to do it in the middle of the night to not tie up the phone all day and also it would take 12 hours to download a 200 mb file to a hard drive that was 1 gig or so. lol

As for mobile I remember spending $400 on a Nokia flip phone that had 2 screens on it. It was crap compared to todays phones but top of the line in those days. lol Now I use a rooted lg g3 with 3 gigs of ram and a quad core cpu! My phone has 10 times more power than my pc did back in those days. lol

##Hey, if you go back far enough they used to take those sonograms using a Polaroid.

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