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Originally Posted by RichieBoy67 View Post
I remember downloading stuff and having to do it in the middle of the night to not tie up the phone all day and also it would take 12 hours to download a 200 mb file to a hard drive that was 1 gig or so. lol
1G drive, sheesh I remember playing around with computers that had "modern" tape drives. It was big news when my dad got an IBM PC, with 2 5.25 drives and a whole 20MB of hard drive space and paid extra for the 640K of RAM. I also remember the crap I got into when I accidentally formatted the drive.

Originally Posted by ForceHSS View Post
The phone I was talking about are even older like the one in the picture have even seen people use the one large one you see in the 2nd picture
My dad had one of the original car phone where the craddle was litterally screwed or bolted into the floor of the car, sort of like in the image below.

Ah the memories!!
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