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I haven't even began suggesting vB5 to my clients, 99% are on vB4 and vB3 with the few who did make the jump to 5.x regretting it heavily.

RAWR! vB6? WHAT'S DAT? Ahhhhhh I C vB6 = Very Broken v6

I mean can we get someone to finally do something instead of telling us to vote for something that is apparently not COMMON SENSE yet should be (@management, just say HEY guys re-include the plugin/hooks system we dropped the ball by removing it, we removed the ability to customize vB which is why many were directed to our software to begin with... our bad, we didn't realize it would change things back then and make us look bad - thanks cheers etc).

If they'd re-include a hooks/plugin system like Paul mentioned it would change things, they won't though because of the p0wertards who ruined vB's name (imo) after patiently and maliciously waiting several months before launching a tard campaign to help hack or teach others how to hack over 30k vBulletin forums. I said it in the past, I'll say it now *me thinks* someone at IB simply dropped the ball by removing the plugin system in an effort to save face - case in point you never cut off your nose to spite your face.

Edit: Vote for it here:
*Mumbles that this is sooooooooooo (insert expletive here) stupid we shouldn't even be required to do this (insert expletive here) (insert expletive here) (insert expletive here)... *cough *cough AS YOU WERE, NOTHING TO SEE HERE lol
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