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Originally Posted by z3r0 View Post
Then you would be starting a small hobbyist site or setting yourself up to fail, out of all the current products on the market vb5 is the absolute worst.
I think programmers don't get along with vbulletin 5 precisely because they don't let them get their hands on it. Vbulletin changed its business strategy where programmers made lite and pro plugins and put them out of work. You just have to install Vbulletin 5 and get to work on the content, not wasting time on thousands of mods that later is a huge job to update. All other forum brands allow programmers to post paid plugins in their forums instead vbulletin took the best of each and incorporated it directly leaving many unemployed. It is a more commercial issue than performance.

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I have had my forum with more than 250,000 users and I have sold it to buy my house, now I am starting another one again always faithful to vbulletin since 2008. Notice how unprofessional are the programmers who leave the mods adrift without enter more and their websites are down. That's why stay in large companies that will give you continuity if you want a long-term project and only take care of the relevant content, everyone likes to put their hands but few write

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vbulletin 5.6.3 is not for whiny programmers who switched to xenforo because there they may have more work, it is for editors who know how to post, so just install it, configure it and write. don't add anything else.

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It seems to me that they have not yet learned from what happened with bvseo that being the most famous plugin overnight left us all hanging without support. So if you are not a professional programmer who can solve things alone, do not install anything from third parties. Stay with the original version that has everything you need and what you no longer have today is not relevant from an SEO point of view, even if many say otherwise.
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