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Originally Posted by legion! View Post
Ok ive nstalled everything got it up and running added species and wen i go into an area and click Hunt...the page jus loads but never goes to the Hunt page....
Are you the same person who posted this to the Project Tools over at DBTech? If so, please don't post them across multiple sites.
If not, then it's been reported and I'm working with that person to figure out what happened

Originally Posted by legion! View Post
Also the shoutbox wont work for the RPG...i i disable theinstance then it works...but if i try to follow those directions above then turn t back on it wont allow me to i get the same error
Hmm, that's really odd...
Are you able to PM me with an Admin account with "Can Administer Settings" and "Can Administer vBShout", as well as an FTP account? If so, I should be able to solve this for you

Support is ONLY available @ our website, not via modification threads, Private Message or email.
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