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Nice work, thanks.

I had an idea maybe for a future version?
I've always found that it's hard to get members of my guild/clan to use my websites/rosters as they are more interested in the game than using the web. My sites normally just change into an info page with nobody taking the time to register....

I was thinking that if you had something tied into the roster like an award/promotion section. Something where you can add achievements to the users characters, Be able to offer them a promotion where they have to go to the website before they can receive it.
When clicking on a member being able to see more info on their characters with a list of achievements, maybe a family tree where you can see all of the users characters together. A small box where they can type in some info on their characters.
I'm playing Star wars the old republic at the moment and each of your characters can have skills/attributes which other members in your guild can use, crew skills etc, would be nice to be able to view a table of these so that you can message that guild member to assist you with making something.

A lot of work, I know, but maybe something for the future.

I've seen an award type mod on here some, but that's no use when you want a roster for people with multiple characters in a game as it's user based.

Anyway, thanks for all the work you have done
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