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Originally Posted by Speysider View Post
mastergame, show us an image or we don't believe that you made any kind of script. Even if you did, it wouldn't work properly.

And there is no way to stop DDoS attacks, you get them or not.
Yes, you can't find kind of DDOS attack that it can drop by web application and it should block by monitoring services or server firewall, BUT i use my method that my web application (20 Lines ha ha )can find Dos attacks and it can drop it !

Originally Posted by jboyd View Post
I believe you Mastergame
Those guys are just jealous they didn't come up with the php firewall script first

well since everything is working fine for you now i hope you have a great holiday

Anybody see that special on TV called when DDoS attackes it was awful what that one attack did to that one lady she could have lost a limb or at the very least sent her usage to 19.5 15.5 20.1
Thank you .
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