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Originally Posted by m002.p View Post
Are you sure you added "adv_index" to your page deployment area?
yes I'm postive even have it set to global deployment, I can get it to show on any page without even adding it to the deployment area, however, if you intergrate a vbadvanced page with say, your memeberlist or your forumhome, then the shoutbox won't show up. I can and did create your module, that worked fine on vbadvanced portal page, but with it intergrated with my forumhome, even though I have the module there, it doesn't show up. So thats two for two, shoutbox refuses to show up. Refuses to display as itself and as a vba module.

I am guessing that a may have something to do with the fact that the shoutbox also checks the script its being deployed on and something happens when you intergrate the two.

I can't solve it.
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