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Originally Posted by yahoooh View Post
any new features
If you were using vbcredits 1.3 - a _lot_
if you were using vbcredits 1.4rc1 - a _lot_ of bugs fixed and a small set of new stuff. ill post a list when im done compiling it.

Originally Posted by jerx View Post
I would like to advance members by credits (instead of vb' s post count), like mentioned by this poster:

Is this feature integrated yet or has the add-on been released already?
im almost done with that addon

Originally Posted by KURTZ View Post
just wondering, ibproarcade is compatible with this hack?
yes, and ill be updating the ibproarcade addon that goes with 1.4 in a little bit (its done, just have to post it up)

Originally Posted by zero_ZX View Post
OMG!! i was looking for this mod so damn long (around a year)! Finally it arrived!
heh you know, getting 1.4rc1 to work with vb3.7 wasnt THAT difficult...

Originally Posted by reifegerste View Post

i have the following error in Social Group Setting:

Enabled BB Codes for Social Group Messages
This setting allows you to enable and disable the use of various BB codes in group messages.

Note that any changes you make will only affect messages posted (or edited) after this point.
An error occurred while processing the bitfield files, the following information was returned: Bitfield Collision: credits_modawards = prefixrequired

How can i change it?


aha! why didnt this show up sooner?? :-/ well, ill have it fixed in a moment.

also: our site is back up, but a couple things are still down (vBTracker, the Gallery) but im working to fix it. ive filled in a couple of the missing links from the top post
ill update in a little while.
I probably want my scripts to work on your site more than you do!
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