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Originally Posted by extreme-gaming View Post
There sure is

Private Coders Discussions
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A forum for Coders to discuss vBulletin modification with other coders.

Here's a little peek of what's in there for all you non coders.
I really wish this part was viewable.

I understand and can even respect the need to keep your average end user from mindlessly posting in there (oh boy, can I ever understand that).

But it would sure help those like myself who do some "light coding" a world of good to review whats in there (read only). It surely can help a lot of others (myself included) to learn a thing or two. I think it may even help some of us produce more mods or even templates (themes) for vBulletin to learn something now and again.

EDIT: Installed, but I would not "count" this as MOD... More as someone pointing everyone to a 3rd party resource and even then, I'd give credit to extreme-gaming (assuming AcidX could have read the original source)

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