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Originally Posted by Gadget_Guy View Post
Can you confirm that this is implemented properly?

I ask because stats for the use of recaptcha are not being fed back to google.

The recaptcha is showing up as the new version, however, when I go to my recaptcha account, there are no stats in terms of use of it.

Could it be the way you coded the server side integration?

I'm not sure how to answer that. I followed the (rather sparse) instructions from google and it seems to be able to tell the difference between valid input and invalid input, and when I tried changing some characters in my keys it complianed about the keys being invalid, so it seems to work. I don't get any stats either but I only created keys to test with and it says I don't have enough traffic to show stats, so I don't know. I suppose it's possible there's a problem with my implementation.

What page are you going to to look at the stats? Are you using keys from the older version? They are supposed to work with the new version but maybe the stats aren't being totaled in the same place as they were for the previous version.
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