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Originally Posted by concepts View Post
Yeah.. I visit your site pretty often, I'm impressed with what you've done with the software. It inspired me to customize mine more as well.
Thanks for liking our forum
Honestly this is the thread of Phillip and he is asking reviews for his forum so I don't want to discuss more on this thread about our forum.

If you have any questions or feedback, please share yours on my thread here

Originally Posted by Paul M View Post
Loads ok for me (just now).

Its very colourful and "visual".
Seem you are saying about our forum ?
If yes, you will suggest to decrease colors on our site or it is still ok with you?

Originally Posted by Paul M View Post
Oh, I think I looked at the wrong site, the seotips one does indeed just fail completely.
I visited his site and the OP changed his forum to Xenforo hence we could not visit and see his forum he did before with vBulletin.
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