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Originally Posted by Paul M View Post
Nope, the colours are fine, I was simply commenting on how colourful it was.

If you want to change something, get rid of the highly irritating pop-up to sign in, which appeared.
I left at that point, nothing annoys me more on sites than pop-ups when I'm trying to view it. I leave them and never return.
You are right on this, after a day tried with popup, I removed it because it's really "annoy" for me or my visitors ( I think so ) and it should be called when someone click on the register button. I left that.

Thanks for your opinion.

Also I am hoping vB team can add "Google+ and Twitter" connect to next vB 4.2.x versions
which I am asking on this thread

with many social networks connect, i think vB 4 will become perfect.

I asked some vB coders and they said they are difficult to do that because it need customizations and modifications on files of vB source. I think it should be done from vB team.
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