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Administration and Jelsoft are aware of the issues raised here which are multiple and includes (as a summary):

1. Coders not feeling appreciated for the work they put into the site.
2. Non-coders feel that their questions are unanswered by staff or coders.
3. Members feel that staff do not listen to them and take them for granted.
4. Personality differences between certain members, and between certain staff and members (and dare I say, between staff from and
5. Promised changes have not come to pass as yet.

I want to point out that the above things are recurrent things on this site, and I have to say, have always exist to a certain extent since I've been a member here. At different times, they get raised and a long thread like this comes about.

This is not to say these are not real problems that need to be dealt with. What I want to say is that so far people have listed problems, but solutions have been few and far between. I would like members to start coming up with possible solutions so that we can move forward.