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Seem the author left the thread without any responses.

I have just applied for my forum vb4 and it works as well.

Originally Posted by Brandon Sheley View Post
I don't really understand, I have feedburner on my forums already
If you registered with feedburner, go there and add any sub forums to it and start using from step 7 as the guide above
Demo? you can have a look on my forum, click on rss icon you can understand how it works.

Originally Posted by Casparian View Post
I think you need to rewrite your instructions from Step 7.

I see what you're trying to do, but it's not very clear.

For example, one of your code examples mentions fbget.php but you previously named the script feedburner.php.

You also didn't mention when creating the second (and subsequent) feeds on feedburner for the individual forums what they should be named. From the example you give,$foruminfo[forumid], obviously they need to be yourforumurlcom-xx ?

I like the idea, I wish it was a bit simpler, my forum has about 40 forums within it. It'd be nice if there was an easy way to get all the IDs, mabe a simpe script which outputs a list of all of them which are in use.
Right, you need create urls in feedburner correstpond to forum id on your forum to make urls works when it gets auto links from your forum.

Originally Posted by KW802 View Post
Looks like he's just trying to replace the standard RSS 'auto-discovery' links with FeedBurner links instead.

EG: In FireFox, if you click on the RSS button in the URL bar it will 'find' the stock vBulletin external.php script but his change will instead 'find' your FeedBurner URL instead.

In short, you're hiding the default vB script and are using FeedBurner instead for all of your outgoing feeds that people can subscribe to.
I agree with you but I won't use this way because we have to create all urls according to feedburner and some can be broken if we miss them.

Originally Posted by AzzidReign View Post
I don't understand why you have to change it from external.php to feedburner.php. It looks like you are replacing the links in the style anyway, right?
Some SEO guys think that it's better for on-page SEO if we use feedburner on our sites/blogs. For me, just added it yesterday and I need a little time to see it effective or not.

Originally Posted by SBlueman View Post
What would I need to do if I wanted to have a separate feed for each forum in the edit for the site's headerinclude template?
You go feedburner and create urls like this

for example I created

But I stopped from step 9 of the author and using redirection for better purposes.

the link above will be redirected to feedburner

Hope that helps!
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