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Implementing single sign on from corporate website to VBulletin 3.8.2 forum

We have two different websites http://www.oursite (ASP, SQL server) and (PHP, MYsql). We want to implement auto login feature between these websites so that users already authenticated on the website are not required to login the second time to the forum when accessed directly through the website.

As a work-around, this can be potentially achieved through a manually managed user creation process. Users with same username and password can be created at both places. However, this has serious drawbacks the autologin would fail when a user changes his password using forum's user control panel or through quick links or forgot password link.

Would appreciate recommendations on the best way to achieve such a single-sign-on scenario. Guess there might be a lot of users out there who have their forums linked to the sites directly. Are there any APIs/hooks available to achieve this? If not, is there any way how the ability for a user to change his password on the forum can be disabled.

All ideas and pointers are welcome!
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