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Originally Posted by funkmeister View Post
OK, thanks, got that working, but in my case, I had to set "Can View Private Custom Fields" to 'No' in the Usergroup permission section.

The problem I have left now is, that they're not showing up in the Postbit. Any clues where I should look to get that working? As an Admin, everything looks good, but as general user, they're not showing up there. One note of interest, is if I set "Can View Private Custom Fields" to 'Yes', the postbit works for Admin & general users, but then it won't display in the Member Profile for general users! So I'm going around in circles!

Any ideas, appreciated!!

Many thanks.
Well come other options that I would check : Usergroup options > general permissions

Can view member info: Yes

Also maybe the profile field has to be NOT set to private.

And maybe in vBoptions > User profile options

vB code in non forum specific areas: Yes
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