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We've been around for a good while and been through more updates and redesigns than I have fingers. I have some kind of OCD when it comes to changing the site as I find myself doing one about once a year or more. This latest redesign included taking a Rockettheme designed template for Joomla and extending it into the forums. The result is the ability for any visitor or member to change the color scheme for the entire site (including forums).

There are no bridges, login integration, or anything like that. Its all pretty much template modifications to create the illusion of Joomla/VB integration. I did do a lot of modifications to the color chooser files that came with the Joomla style, added some additional php files for importing cookie information and made a very small plugin to integrate it into vbulletin. I also made heavy use of rss to pull thread information into the Joomla Modules.
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