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Originally Posted by delicjous View Post
I could not be more clear. Did you look into?

At the channel-page (most) home the speechbubble-icon?!!
Yes, I did. I saw where I can give the channel a graphic, which is what I thought you were talking about, so I didn't try and upload a graphic, but I DID look.

OK I tried this time. That's sort of it. It used to be a single pair of graphics (for on/off) shared across all forums, now they have their own, which means I need to upload the same graphic like 25 different times this way. Anyway....

This system seems to be take one graphic and lighten/darken it, I can't seem to define a different graphic for "new" vs "not new", it's the same graphic in both situations - the old way had different graphics.

Can THAT be done?

--------------- Added 17 Jan 2020 at 20:23 ---------------

Here's what I had before - the first image graphic is what you saw if there were no new posts - the hand as closed. But if it there were new posts, you'd have a different graphic shown.
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