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Hi all,

I also such for this tool. There have been times here .
Has anyone an idea or hack this?

THX curse

P.s.: Sorry for my bad English
[QUOTE=snotek;1059709]Is it possible to have vB include the date/time of a quoted post when posting?

i.e. right now by default it looks like this:

But we'd like it to look like this:

Originally Posted by Snotek on 8/22/06 at 11:30pm
I'm quoting myself...

Something like that. I've looked at the bbcode for the
function and have figured out where to put it... but I don't know what variables that might exist that have this info stored... Since it knows which user and text to quote based on the "p=" in the url does it also know the date/time? I tried the $post[postdate] and $post[posttime] variables, knowing that wouldn't work, but alas... no go.

If not then I'm guessing I'd have to modify (hardcode) the php file that runs this query to tell it to pull that info too, or am I WAY off base here?

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