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Originally Posted by Loco.M View Post
I agree it sounds pretty cool, wouldn't you worry about duplicate content?
That's Google's problem.

Originally Posted by Loki12 View Post
Sounds like a great idea, but how about security risks of incoming packets? Could be exploited by hackers and those who want to flood your site.
Each network has a password which has to be verified before any packets are processed.

Originally Posted by R1lover View Post
I'm not sure how you are merging username etc.... as they show up different on each site.

very interested in this, but I don't see how it's working properly with different boards and different users etc... can each site post to the shared section without having to register?
Posts from other boards show up on your board as Guest posts would. The username is constructed from the user's name on the other board and the board's "node code". Hence, if someone on another board the username "Fred" and that board's node code is XYZ, then posts from that user will show up on your board as a Guest with name "[email protected]"
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