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Creating Website Newsletter

Thinking about starting up a newsletter for our forum running vB 4.2.5.

Can someone please explain:

1. All steps necessary to create a newsletter.
2. What generally are good items to include in a newsletter.
3. How often to send out a newsletter.
4. Easiest way to generate the email address list for the newsletter.
5. Would also like to include some advertising areas in the newsletter & how that is accomplished.
6. Thinking the initial newsletter would go out to all members of the website/forum...and then the newsletter would include an unsubscribe link if they didn't wish to continue receiving future newsletters. Would want the unsubscribe link to somehow be linked to something back on the forum software that would automatically remove the email address's from the newsletter mailing list...making it easy for the website staff. there a good app or plugin product that would do all this (free or pay-for).

Thanks much.
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