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Originally Posted by Sym0n View Post

Not sure if that's meant to be a question or a statement. I only use Firefox, but I don't suppose IE would hurt to try. Can't see what difference it would make though.
It shouldn't, but it's worth a try to cover your bases.

Just a thought, but check with your host to see there's any reason they would put a limitation on file imports. I don't know of anything of hand that would do that, and the XML isn't particularly a large file, but you never know.

Originally Posted by 58D View Post
Hey DJ, are these the same definitions from the "Third Times a Charm" or should I switch over to these. I'm using AME 2.5.
The only difference is that these are using the size variables for 2.5. You can now use the AME global size settings for 98% of them, except of course the ones' that don't need them or can't be resized for other reasons. (The small list in post 2.)

Originally Posted by Eneswar View Post
Any idea why all the videos i post comes out very small?
Wasnt like this before i imported this definitions.


but they used to be like this:
As I mentioned, these use AME 2.5's global height and width variables. They're smaller because your using the default size setting in the AME CP for posts. You can now set the height and width of all your videos globally per region (posts, blog posts, profile comments, signatures)
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