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Originally Posted by sulasno View Post
tagged and thanks

can the mod dictate that a minimum of 1 Capital letter and I Digit must be used ?
Originally Posted by vglobal View Post
Tag for future. It would be great if we have a complex password mod.

It is not possible to do that with this mod... at least, not yet. I will see what I can do.

Originally Posted by Boofo View Post
Excellent idea, sir.
Thank you
Originally Posted by Boofo View Post
What is a good default setting for the length? I think 14 might be a little too long for some users to accept without whining.

Also, I saw no error on importing the product on 4.1.3. Maybe another mod was not playing nice with the OP setup.
A good, secure, password is typically 12-16 (roughly) characters. But, I can understand some users having difficulty with that. I would say a good compromise would be 8 characters.

As for 4.1.3, that is what I was thinking - that maybe another mod was conflicting with it. Hopefully it is not an error with this mod itself.
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