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Originally Posted by Boofo View Post
I compromised and set it at 10.

I didn't see anything in the code that would cause an error on import. I wouldn't worry about it unless you get anyone else having the same issues.

I would suggest maybe adding a setting for certain userids that could bypass the length check.
I suggest if possible add a feature to this mod to enforce minimum lengths on mod and admin accounts only.

Honestly it is extremely unlikely I wold join a forum requiring me to have a password over 6 to 8 characters.

Because... unless I'm a mod or admin, it's JUST a forum. NO ONE cares about my account and I care even less. So what someone cracks my password? Very unlikely on vBulletin where you can't brute-force your way in because it will lock you out after a few bad tries... I'm not going to jump through hoops to join a forum unless they are the only forum in their niche- and I know most admins can't claim that.

Just my opinion.
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