Thread: Integration with vBulletin - Steam Connect - Sign in with your Steam Account! [RC3]
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Originally Posted by i3lack View Post
im having a little problem how do i get the sign in to work? i have installed it and when i click on the sign in steam it takes me to a page that shows me i typed my password wrong
Did you upload login2.php into the forum root dir and copy paste the exact template code from the install section into your header template?
Originally Posted by i3lack View Post
Fatal error: Call to undefined method vB_Friendly_Url_Error::get_url() in /home/hangout/public_html/includes/functions.php on line 6944 This only happens when members are linking there accounts
weird.. which vb version are you using?

Originally Posted by tdkmatt View Post
perfect working like a charm!

wish i could remove the white line under it tho
Just remove the "<hr>" tag below the steam connect block in your header template
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