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Originally Posted by GeorgeB85 View Post
Yeah, I was just going through the settings.

It isn't allowing me to add a currency. The other settings pages all show like a default vbulletin settings page. The currency one is showing a white background with all options and text to the left. Is that normal?

If so, would you mind telling me what to input for US currency $?
Can you please post a screenshot?

Originally Posted by GeorgeB85 View Post
Also, I have a question. I realize this may not be able to work with Google Adsense, but if I put the adsense code in the vbulletin ad templates that comes default, and then use this mod for paid advertisers, will the two conflict with one another?
There will be no conflicts You should integrate your AdSense account with vB, rather than modifying the ad templates manually, that way you can be sure.

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