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Originally Posted by phriek View Post
Hi together,

i really would like to use this addon, but i have a general problem enabling these security features: i get the error "reCAPTCHA™ could not be verified due to server issues. Please try again later.".
its the same when using the already implemented, old recaptcha or the image-verifikation, which says that the letters are not typed in correctly. does someone have an idea how to solve this?
Originally Posted by Snowhog View Post
We are afflicted with this as well. I obtained new keys by registering a second domain for our forum (the earlier one; registered pre-New reCAPTCHA; was for without the www.

With New reCAPTCHA checked, and our chache cleared, we are also getting the error "reCAPTCHA™ could not be verified due to server issues. Please try again later."

We really need an answer as to why, when others, who have posted in this thread, say they don't have this issue.

The recaptcha server-side verification needs to connect to google to verify the response, so your php needs to have "allow_url_fopen" set to true, or else you need cURL in your configuration. I don't have a lot of knowledge about how hosting is usually set up, but I suppose there could also be network issues, i.e. maybe some hosts don't allow scripts to make network connections at all, or maybe they're limited to certain addresses.

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