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Originally Posted by JsnakeJ
Using tables isn't that smart as if the user forgets to close it the rest of the page may not work.

Thanks for the user tag.
Give them a test. The tags never cause me problems ever. If there's no closing tag, then nothing is parsed, simple as.
Originally Posted by NRR
Thats pretty cool. How do I get them to show up in the table with all the other BB Code icons in the advanced reply and quick reply boxes?
I will update soon with some images and brief instructions on how to add them as standard editor buttons if you like
Originally Posted by MrNase
It is NOT <strike>{param}</strike>..

It must be <span style="text-decoration: line-through;">{param}</span>

* MrNase fighting for a valid web

Here's a button for the editor:

Cool, I'll add that button soon. But I like <strike></strike> simply because it's easy to read in one's bbcode manager. I'm considering switching it to your version however because I admit I'm not very familiar with these standards.
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