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Re: XEON Series - vbFLV Video Player

Originally Posted by Lionel View Post
I am currently using macromedia to create a swf (39k) that I upload as attachment and which stream the flv. With that technique, I am able to stream on demand from database.

Would love to see yours streaming from database instead of an xml.
That will be released in the commercial version of this modification, this was mainly released as a teaser to the full integration version. I've already used the technique you're referring to with the XEON vbMp3 Player released last month, with multiple-playlists loading from the database via PHP. It's fully uses moderation, usergroup permissions and much more - still in beta stage while I fix a few 'bugs' and add multiple adding of track data.

My main aim is to create the system where mp3's, movies, 'live' Tv & Radio and possibly google, youtube working in a main console, but can be expanded to inline playing using plugins.

Getting there, gradually!
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