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More like three part, but let's not get into it. Not everyone will want a bulky shop(s) with their points system this gives them the option to install as much of the eventual package as they would like, and let's face it: the points earning part needs to be finished first and the most solid part of it. There are other addons you could use this with; pretty popular are the addons for the arcades for example.

Also, I agree with you that it is too complex, however I have incorporated a lot of suggestions, and I have another large list to include as well I am thinking of ways to condense how it works without losing the dynamic functionality it has, largely planned for the next major release of vBCredits which will be rewritten from the core. If you have any ideas to contribute to that effort by all means tell me as I am very interested and open to them

As for your donation problem, sounds like you have set the maximum donation limit to 0 in the usergroup settings of the non-admin groups
I probably want my scripts to work on your site more than you do!
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