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Originally Posted by TC Topps View Post
I have 3.8. cmps 3.1, dynamics 2.1, link 3.1 vblog 2.0 and project 2.0. Is this going to work? I have made some of these edits already. This is truely a great jumping off spot for me who has been struggling to learn all of this stuff. So thanks for making this available.

If this works you will have helped me cut thru a lot of stuff. Will the edits to this skin update cmps as well? I am not yet sure of how the vb and cmps work together with this type of style.

Thanks for your great contribution.

TC Topps
oh yes it will but as i played around with it a bit, youll have to recreate the styles that are already on the cmps to the new one you will be installing unless it carries over, but i know it will but i would recreate all the custom portal templates you made and you can start off from there
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