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Would just like to second this - seems to work really well - thanks TMM-TT for your help in getting it up and working again in Vb4. I shall donate something as a way of saying thanks (when i get paid later in the week!) for breathing new life into this!!

As an add-on (as D8tabyte had previously mentioned) is there any way of adding the users that are "created" as guests in this process to maybe a new "group" so they are separate from the rest of the members?? This way, if anyone wanted to join the forum from the group that was downloaded, the option would be there just to change the group that the person was in, and also it would effectively "reserve" the username.

The only downside would be if the "username" already existed, in which case maybe a 1/2/3 etc could be added to the next username.

Just a thought. Obviously not essential to do this, just a nice to have

Finally. and maybe the biggest want i would have, is there any way to import yahoo groups to this? it would have to scrape the web page and d/l the text from the messages i guess, however not being a coder i dont know how possible this would be!

Many thanks again
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