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Originally Posted by LethalJ View Post
Thanks for the reply Lynne. Appreciate it. Sure the url of the forum is

Forum Link
I've also made an account if you wish to log in to see the different skins

Pass: testacc

You should also be able to view both skins when you log in

Test Skin Working link

Main Skin Not Working Link

I've also put the div in a condition to show only for certain usergroups as regular users will complain otherwise.

The additional.css for both (in relation to the what's going on box) is the same.

Once again Thanks for the help. This has been bugging us for some time

If you're looking for the div on the main skin it's behind

Not sure if this is to do with it but we get this error when uploading styles

"Failed to write css files. Please make sure that the directory 'clientscript/vbulletin_css' is writable"
I have chmod permissions to 777 on folder and subfolders in vbulletin_css and still have this error
When I had this issue, I deleted the vbulletin_css folder, created it again and chmod it to 777. Then it worked.
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