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Originally Posted by paradoxG(r)eek View Post
CMS widget should be list of top 5 videos. Same for forum sidebar. But need some more time that I haven't right now. Maybe tomorrow same time or maximum the day after tomorrow.

And yes the interface will be the same. I'll just add Username which I removed to this one as it has no sense to have username in profile page.
Is there any way I can have a single CMS widget? I'd like one "The Latest" to show on the side. I feel more than that for me is overkill on my layout, I'd rather keep most of the media on the media page itself. I can see how media sites can use a TOP VIDEOS widget, but others simply want to save space with single units. An additional Option would be to choose which category shows on the widget allowing for a "Featured" Video widget. Not sure how difficult that would be though.
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