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Originally Posted by concepts View Post
I've seriously visited this thread about 20x times a day for the last 2 days hoping to see the CMS and Forum Sideblock added... lmao, I'm torturing myself here.
Maybe you're right. 48 hours appear to be a long time for someone who wants something simple. But stay in my shoes and think:
  1. I don't use to release simple things. I want to release something that will be useful to you (with the simple requirements) but on the same time to be useful to those with complicated requirements. To make the long story short. I'll not release a ready widget. I'll add in admincp a block generator. What it means?:
    1. You can select categories (All, or one, or multiple).
    2. You can select user (All or specific)
    3. You can select usergroup (All or specific)
    4. You can select type (Latest or Top)
    5. You can select the amount of videos to show
    6. And finally you can select if the code will appears in the screen (to copy+past it eg in vBadvanced blocks), or to AUTO create/insert the CMS widget or Forum block. This means that you'll not do anything manual. All will be automatic.
  2. Except this mod, I've another 50+ as you can see at As you can see clicking My Shop, still I was unable to find time even to list all my mods there.
  3. I'm working in a Forum module for WHMCS. The code is ready, but need to finish the responsive interface.
  4. I'm working in 2 custom mods.
And unfortunatelly the day has just 24 hours
Forget Usergroups ...go UserClubs
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