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Originally Posted by SloppyGoat View Post
Yeah, I found out that's not where the images go. Right click one of the missing ones and look at properties and it will tell you where the misc folder is really supposed to go. Looks like you've gotten farther than I have. I'm getting pissed off, since this requires so many manual steps and who knows what the hell is wrong with it now?
Originally Posted by SloppyGoat View Post
This is a clusterf*ck to install. It needs more clear and precise instructions. Uninstalling....which is even more of a b*tch!!!

Will someone please write up some intelligible directions that are accurate and easy to follow. This is crap.
Originally Posted by SloppyGoat View Post
Yeah, and I'm no newbie. I've been running a vB forum and installing hacks for over 6 years. I usually have no trouble at all, even when the instructions are rather lacking. I'd really like to get this installed and working, if anyone cares to help and write up a better install process.
I think you should calm down a bit man. I am giving this mod here for free for the benefits of users.

I know my mod requires many manual steps when it comes to installing both the chatbox and the commands. The reason is that I wanted to kept separated the commands from the core of the chatbox, thus allowing easier addition of the commands and allow the creation of new commands by the user themselves.

If you read carefully the phrases and follow each step of the readme, the install should be no biggie. Unless you don't read the full readme, coz there are few things that you should beware of:
  1. vBulletin version you are running: due to the CSRF protection introduced in the latests vBulletin releases, you have to do a "trick" modification to make the chatbox works in version older than 3.7 Gold or 3.6.10. I explained that because I want my mod to stay compatible with oldest version of vBulletin and the CSRF protection is only in the recent one.
  2. Style issues: on some custom made styles some replacement variables that allows automatic placement of the chatbox aren't there, thus forbidding it to appear. But I don't think you're encountering that, chatbox is showing for you.
  3. Usergroup permissions: often users forget that when installing but you have seen it and correct it.
For your loading issue, this could either be a javascript issue (files missing) but I don't think as you are not newbie Or the vBulletin version problem.

Do you see any error in the error console of FF ?

If you don't get it to work I'll then give you a link to a post you should try to follow to find out the problem together.

Originally Posted by Red-Devil View Post
Ok sorted it out, your right info to install isnt newbie friendly, my problem was i am testing on a backup server, seems it was trying to look on main one for files for whatever reason i dont know.
I think you encountered that because you didn't change the bburl options while working on your backup server. It was certainly pointing to the url of your real forum, this is the only reason that would explain why it was pointing there for files.
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